Polka Dot and those 50’s vibes that follow along

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Something about polka dots screams vintage 50’s elegance. Polka dots are such a classic timeless piece, they will never go out of style. I always think of Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe when I see anytime of polka dot pattern pieces, probably because they were such unforgettable style icons.

This is a vintage polka dot blouse I thrifted in Bushwick, Brooklyn a few months ago and have been waiting for some warm weather to tie it up and show it off. Finally my time has come and here it is. Time to show off this $6 gem paired with thrifted distressed denim cut offs I had cut up myself. I’m so tall and can never find a good pair of shorts ever that fit me properly and cover what needs to be covered!

I absolutely adore thrifting, finding such funky rare pieces that not everyone is wearing is my thing. Some clothing companies just don’t make anything appealing anymore, in my opinion at least.

Rummaging through piles of mom jeans and scouting the store for a good vintage tee is what I wish i could spend most my afternoons.  The feeling when you find such a unique piece and it fits perfect is the best feeling. It’s all about the hunt, that’s what truly makes it exciting or fun. You really have to get down on your knees and dig to find the gold. I love knowing that this item can be one of a kind versus going to a department store and purchasing something that is so easily accessible. Don’t get me wrong I don’t only shop in thrift stores but I do typically mix and match my outfits with both thrifted and newer items. My wardrobe consists of 55% vintage/thrifted and 45% newer items. Mixing thrifted clothes with newer clothes is such a great way to find your niche and personal style.

I love the scent, most disagree. But that strong oppressive must reminding you that some human very old or possibly dead has owned and worn this. I like to imagine who owned this article of clothing before me.. Was it an artist? A women from Europe who came across to the United States wearing this shirt? Were these vintage worn out baggy jeans from a man who would bowl in these jeans and swore they were his lucky pants. With this blouse, I envisioned a young women named Elisa owning this in the late 50’s who was from down south and tried to make it in new york city and ended up selling her belongings to afford this crocked city and person after person got to renown this blouse before me. I don’t know. I just like stories.


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