Vibing through the high desert

Spent the day road tripping through the high desert. Palm Springs to Yucca Valley to Joshua Tree.

What an adventure. Scooping out all the vintage shops along the way.

Driving up highway 62 without a worrry in the world.

Windows rolled down, all smiles and love in this car ride.

Snapping photos as we go.

Everything was so photogenic. I absolutely have a thing for old fashion towns and not updated storefronts and cities that still look like they are living back in the late 1990s.

I feel like i’m in some movie. I feel as if i’m wearing some shades that give me this effect of grungy, dirty, gritty looks to everything around me and i live for that.

Joshua tree was one of the loveliest towns i’ve been to.

Everyone and i mean everyone i met at all the small shops where so loving and kind. None of them consumed by money or what was “cool” They were all unapologetic to themselves and their work. I needed that. It inspired me, they were so free. No standards they had to look up to. Everyone living in their land out away from society together in this small town filled with artists. It really was a dream.

One day i’ll buy some cheap land up there, buy an air stream and have a huge backyard with trillions of joshua trees out back (because yes joshua tree is filled with joshua trees… shocking!) ill have two air streams, one as my lil humble abode and the other as my art studio, where i’ll spend my days with the doors sprung wide open and windows up painting and snapping film photos to later develop inside. what a dreamy dream i’m living. but if you don’t dream then that’s no fun. you have nothing to look forward to and work hard for…

Here’s a roll of film.. plus more.


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